Now Hiring for Business Advertising Sales for

Now Hiring Business Advertising Salespeople for
Business to business advertising sales experts wanted. is looking for talented salespeople who want to earn high commission by selling advertising to local businesses.

You have the option of working from home as a telemarketer, or as an outside salesperson business to business, or in some cases working out of one of our offices.

You will be selling advertising on The first advertising you will be selling is a full page business listing. This listing can be used by the business as their company website if they like. They can even attach their own domain name to it.

When you first contact the business their full page FREE business listing is already in place with traffic. There will be a count of visitors, a link to show their website is already indexed on search engines, and a link to show advertisements about this business listing on Twitter. This FREE version is what many companies sell outright for $500.00 or more. This gives you a very big advantage because you are creating good will by doing something in advance for the business owner before you have even contacted them.
Now Hiring for Business Advertising Sales for
Customer Relationship Management Software Gets You Started Fast

We have a proven script for you to use to contact the businesses. We have a Contact Relationship Manager online software for you to use. We call this CRM for short. With your CRM you have many tools to track your progress with your business contacts and manager when you need to call back, follow up, and more. This CRM is provided for you on our servers online at no cost to you.

Many times salespeople would like to take a break and chat with other salespeople. We have something called the Coffee Shop where you can do just that. It is an online chat room that allows all of our salespeople to chat with all of our other salespeople. You are not alone in this business.

Typical commissions for you are 30% of your sales. The typical sale is $500.00. You are paid weekly and can choose to receive money direct deposit to your checking account no matter which country you are working from. If you are outside the USA you can choose to have a Western Union check sent to you.

Now Hiring for Business Advertising Sales for
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