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Acre, North, Israel
47,500 185

Afula, North, Israel
43,800 191

Beit She'an, North, Israel
17,300 212

Karmiel, North, Israel
44,600 193

Kiryat Shmona, North, Israel
23,100 151

Ma'alot-Tarshiha, North, Israel
21,200 168

Migdal HaEmek, North, Israel
24,800 180

Nahariya, North, Israel
53,900 186

Nazareth, North, Israel
74,600 545

Nazareth Illit, North, Israel
40,300 168

Safed, North, Israel
32,900 178

Sakhnin, North, Israel
28,600 196

Shefa-'Amr, North, Israel
39,200 195

Tamra, North, Israel
31,700 204

Tiberias, North, Israel
42,300 186

Yokneam, North, Israel
21,100 183

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