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Hello and Welcome to my CityPennySaver page. My name is Irvin Dinkins and I am the owner of Philadelphia County, PA. If I can be of any assistance to you in regard to placing a sponsored city ad, purchasing a city or placing your affiliate opportunity banner on my page please contact me using the information below. Also, I invite you to take a look at Empowr a new social media App that pays you to post, like, comment, and share. To review Empowr click this link or copy and paste into your browser. P.S. Signup with this link today and Empowr will put 20 in your account for joining the community.

Irvin Dinkins
cell/sms/text: 215.617.0461
2nd email:
Twitter: idinkins72
Skype: swomradiogroup

I will respond back to your inquiry within 2-6 hours. My emails and cell are the best methods to reach me quickly.

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